Thursday, March 07, 2013

On The Death Of Hugo Chavez

This is just me, but (to quote Alan), "Meh."

I think this from Lawyers, Guns, & Money (including the comment section, a rare example of sanity considering several comment threads there have of late been hijacked by trolls) kind of sums up so much of what is wrong with the way the power structure in the US views the world.  Imagine!  Venezuela earned all those petro-dollars and used them to help the people of the country!  Horrors.

And hanging out in OPEC with all those horrible dictators like the King of Saudi Arabia the leader of Iran.

Considering he survived an American-sponsored coup d'etat, is it any wonder he spent much of his time flipping the United States the bird?

He's dead.  The majority of Venezuelans are more than marginally better off because he was President.  That's something to celebrate, regardless of his clumsiness as an international actor.

All the rest is state-sponsored froth.

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