Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heading To A Holy Time

It begins tonight with Maundy Thursday, as we recall and live again the institution of the New Covenant and the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  Tomorrow, of course, is Good Friday.  On Saturday, we wait and wonder.  Then, on Sunday morning, we greet the rising sun and the Risen Son.

As solemn and sorrowful as this time is; as filled with anticipation for the "Christ is Risen!  He Is Risen Indeed!" of Easter morning; as much as we should move through these sacred days with reverence, our hearts focused on the tragedy-that-is-not-a-tragedy of the crucifixion followed by the overwhelming joy of Easter and all it portends for defeat of the final enemy; for all that, my heart right now rests at peace.  I am, as always, thankful for all the blessings in my life.  Starting, of course, with the simple fact of my life.

For anyone who wonders if God's Grace is a real thing, all I can say is, "I'm here."  More than just being here, I'm surrounded by a loving family and dear friends.  None of these things are deserved.  On the contrary, were we to measure a life by dessert, the truth is I would be alone and friendless, were I alive at all.  Each breath is a gift; each time I see my wife and daughters, each time we laugh together, or are just together, is a gift.  Each time I look around at this life I have, I am grateful for every single moment, every single person.

Is grace a real thing?  You betcha.

As we head to this holy time, and reflect on the infinite love for all creation God reveals on the cross and in the empty tomb, I am thankful for how that love is manifest in my own life.  I wish it were possible to return to each person in my life even a small portion of what I've received.

Tonight we begin with a service in which we re-member the New Covenant; we also, alas, remember the first act of those gathered under that New Covenant, viz., to flee and betray their Lord.  Let us move through these next four days in prayer and thanksgiving that our God does not and will not ever betray and flee from us.

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