Friday, November 09, 2012

An Honest Question Deserves An Honest Counter-Question

Who can blame me for not reading this?  Still, I was surprised to see two questions at the end that left me more than a bit flummoxed.
1.  Where a scientific point is discussed, what makes their argument correct and mine not?

2.  What demonstrates a closed mind and how could that possibly be mine and not theirs (and specifically, Geoffrey's)?
In regards the latter, I have no idea what a closed or open mind are.  According to a search of my own rather, er, extensive writings,  I have never used it in regards scientific matters (where I can't imagine the phrase meaning much of anything).  I have used it to describe my own agnostic attitude toward things that go bump in the night.  Since I don't consider myself particularly "open" or "closed" minded because I tend to understand having "an open mind" referring to a willingness to be convinced one way or another about something about which one either knows little or about which there exists no (as yet) testable, falsifiable formulation, I guess I'm just at a loss.  Does Art have a "closed mind" where mine is "open"?  I honestly have no idea.  Have I ever described him as such, in a detrimental way?  I can't imagine why I would because calling someone "closed minded" is about as meaningful as calling someone a hypocrite.  Aren't all of us closed minded about some things?

As to the first, a simple question: I've talked science quite a bit.  Since I was studying philosophy of science, back when Bill Clinton ruled the land and Newt was still looking for his third trophy wife, I would like to think I know a little bit about it.  So, I guess I'll ask Art a counter-question.  I have no idea if he'll answer it, but he should know it's as sincere as everything else I've ever written.  How do you, Art, understand science, what it does, how it works, and how it serves those who use it?

You answer that question, and then, maybe, we can start moving toward an answer.

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