Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Surrealism, Part 2

The great disappearing issue of this campaign has been global warming.  I haven't heard either candidate utter a syllable one way or another about it.  Which is too bad, really, because some people think it's an issue about which we need to be concerned on a global level.  It's already causing increased tension between India and Bangladesh.  Right here in the United States, the town of Shishmaref, Alaska is looking to relocate as the Arctic Ocean claims it in chunks.

Of course, everyone seems to think there's "controversy" about global warming, in the same way there's "controversy" over which date the Declaration of Independence was signed and ratified, or controversy concerning the Holocaust.  Because "some people" refuse to recognize the reality doesn't mean there's controversy; it means these people, for whatever reason, deny reality.  That isn't controversial.  It might be insane.  It might be delusional.  It might be a whole lot of things.  Controversial isn't one of them.

So, yet again . . . the debate on foreign policy didn't touch on many actual issues except who would blow up more stuff and more people, or whether blowing up certain people was a good thing now or later.  All in all, it was just surreal.  Arguing over who our number one national security threat is at a time when it would take at least fifteen countries to field the kind of military the United States currently has strikes me as just odd.

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