Sunday, September 02, 2012

Something For Everyone

I've read quite a few complaints recently, not directed at anyone in particular, about the abundance of political status updates on Facebook.  There's even a meme going around making the obvious point that these things don't change anyone's mind.

I have a FB friend really into knitting and sewing.  Reading about her discovery of an old sewing machine, then remembering a conversation my sister and cousin had about our mothers' sewing clothes for us (like what I am wearing in this picture, around the time I was four years old)
I decided to write a post about my Mom, that old Necchi sewing machine, and what it meant for us as a family, and how those musings led to thoughts about what is and is not real in this world, and how those relationships work themselves out for us.

I'm not capable of sewing.  I cannot and would not even try to knit.  I would never, however, be so forthright as to write something on Facebook to the effect that I'm quite tired of being forced to read all these posts about yarn and quilting and sewing and needlepoint because, God Almighty, I couldn't care less.

The fact is, it's an election year.  There are folks who find this stuff interesting and important.  No one is forcing anyone to read anything.  You don't like to read about politics?  Feel free to skip right over it and move on to someone's latest grandchildren pics or the meme about women scolding men for being men.

Please, however, don't pretend that Facebook is "about" anything other than folks connecting and OMG LOOK AT THESE BABY RED PANDAS!!!!!

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