Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Anniversary Waltz

Thirty-six hundred posts.

That's a whole lot of words.  A whole lot of sitting down and surfing teh Google Box for whatever goodies the day might bring.  A whole lot of silent swearing as I make my way through whatever I've written and discovering yet another stupid typo.  A whole lot of pointless repetition; I've written "the same post" - I have discovered about a dozen repeats on a couple themes - because, well, I have a small mind, apparently, with few interests, although I do seem to love A Christmas Carol without realizing I've said the same thing about it several times at least over the years.

Lucky for me I have new themes.  I have new interests and concerns.  I even have what some might call small obsessions.

I've often wondered whether I've been as faithful to this site's title as I could be.  Far more posts concern themselves with matters political and, for lack of a better word, cultural, than "religious" (yet another word I despise).  Am I presenting a fair representation, or do I perhaps go down roads that a more fair-minded and honest Christian (of any ideological stripe) would avoid?  I have no answers to this question, although it has become particularly important due to a bit of a disagreement my wife and I had recently.  Disenchanted with the tenor and tone of our "discourse", the past couple weeks she has expressed consternation that I, too, her husband, have become part of what she considers the problem.

I will save my specific response for another time.  Suffice it to say, even though we disagreed, I was brought up short enough to think carefully about all the things said and done here over the years.

Then, this morning, I saw that my tiny blessing to Neil Armstrong was post number 3600.

Good Lord, but I have verbal diarrhea.

Does this mean I'm going to stop?  I'm sure there are folks who think I should, or wish I would.  That's OK, though, because those are the people who tend to be only worth laughing at.  I heard recently that the worst thing a person can do to an opponent is ignore them.  I think that's true.  So, I'm going to ignore the haters and the baiters and just keep doing what I do until I get bored with it.

And a song, of course.  Band leader Maynard James Keenan wrote the song "10,000 Days" in memory of his mother.  He actually wrote several songs about his Mom, including "Judith" for A Perfect Circle.  His mother was a devout Christian who was paralyzed late in life.  She spent 27 years - those 10,000 days - in a wheelchair, and was as faithful to the end as she had been from the beginning.  Not a man of specifically a Christian spiritual bent, Maynard couldn't understand his mother's tenacious hold upon what he called "your God" in "Judith" (in a moment of what many consider lyrical blasphemy).  All the same, in deep love and sadness he offered this song, with its vision of his mother receiving her reward for a life of faith.  May such a song be penned for all of us, and each of us, in no small part because we are faithful when others see so many reasons to abandon it.

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