Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Our Thin-Skinned Tough Guys

A few things that are out and about make me wonder why anyone, anywhere, thinks we might yet rescue ourselves from our descent in to Fourth World status as a nation. The same folks who advertise themselves as the tough-minded men's men ready to make the hard choices and stand up to the enemies that surround us have difficulty not flinching when the guy sitting next to them reaches his arm up to smooth his hair.

Some folks are up in arms because the President noted that, when he was first a candidate for the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney said he might well not send American forces in to Pakistan if it was discovered that was where Osama bin Laden was hiding. The President didn't call Romney a pussy or a wuss. He didn't say Romney hated America because he wasn't wearing enough flag pins on his lapel. He didn't even question Romney's provenance because his father was the native of another country. Nope, he merely noted something his opponent said, and made the point, none too gingerly, that folks should take candidates for public office at their word and words.

Then there are those poor put-upon Christians suffering because Dan Savage is telling people that some Christians are violent assholes. Because what Dan Savage did is, as everyone knows, exactly the same thing all those fags claim people do to them only worse.

There are large swaths of the American Right that are populated by such fragile creatures, its a wonder they leave their homes.

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