Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Smart, Rich, White Guy Thinks Other Smart, Rich White Guys Suck

No, not me.

Thanks to Tbogg and Roy Edroso, I took Charles Murray's little quiz to find out whether I was a Real American or some horrid elitist.

I scored a 58. According to The Murray Scale, I am, and I cut&paste, "A first- generation middle-class person with working-class parents and average television and moviegoing habits.
Range: 42–100. Typical: 66."

What's amusing about this, of course, is how meaningless it is. As a commenter at alicublog said, Facebook polls are more scientific. "Have you ever walked on a factory floor?" Seriously? Good gravy. . .

I could come up with my own quiz, and pretty much score everyone but me either total dorks or raving geniuses.

Considering Murray's pedigree and cv, the idea that he knew who Jimmie Johnson was without needing to look it up on Wikipedia is ludicrous. Of course, then he had to look up NASCAR . . .

At some point, when will folks wise up and understand our country isn't in trouble because some people think they're smarter than everyone else? Our country is screwed up because a bunch of people thought they were smarter than everyone else, but they proved to be so catastrophically wrong they nearly destroyed the planet. And Charles Murray is among them, hook, line, and stinker.

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