Monday, January 09, 2012

Salvation Be Not Proud

The Faith and Theology blog, includes among many other wonders, occasional epigrammatic posts by one Kim Fabricius. He calls them "Doodlings". His latest offerings include the following:
If Christianity is unique, it is in declaring not the forgiveness of the sinner but the forgiveness of the righteous. The righteous too must repent – precisely of their rectitude.
Obviously, I insist you go read all of them. This one, however, struck me for its roots in the Biblical testimony, its thoroughly theological grounding in the Trinitarian economy of salvation, and its relevance in a world that is awash in phony Christian piety.

My prayer today is that I submit to the judgment that my desire to be righteous, to stand before God and humanity as a good person, is the spear that pierced the side of the suffering Christ. My hope is that I would always prefer to sing that I am without one plea when summoned to judgment by the One who has been judged in my place.

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