Saturday, December 03, 2011

Happy Holidays

I blame that politically correct, Baby-Jesus-hating, anti-family, secret commie Bing Crosby.

When did Christians become whiny crybabies? At some point, we started complaining about everything. The business each year about Christmas trees, whether people say "Happy Holidays!" or "Merry Christmas!" has reached the point where I want nothing to do with the holiday itself.

Historically, celebrating Christmas was outlawed for religious reasons.

The lavish cultural celebration the entire season has become is relatively recent. Truth be told, it is also quite annoying. Driven by commerce, pushing back further and further the beginning of celebrating Christmas is far more about filthy lucre than the Prince of Peace.

Quite apart from the ridiculous idea that Christmas trees or saying a phrase to one another has anything at all to do with remembering the birth of the Christ child, one wonders where these same folks are when, say, the same people who carry on about the "War on Christmas" complain about churches participating in sheltering undocumented individuals and families, or participating in Occupy Protests. I would trust their insistence on faith-based whining a little more if they showed even a scintilla of consistency.

Finally, even if the "War of Christmas" were real - which it isn't - it would be a reason for giving thanks, for praise to God that we Christians might actually be doing something right. After all, the world and its rulers are supposed to hate us and persecute us, lie about us and kill us, which is called a blessing, a reason for celebration. Whining about "Happy Holidays" isn't quite the same thing as being tortured and killed because you profess faith in the risen Savior. In fact, it's kind of the exact opposite of it.

So, buck up. Stop complaining about non-existent slights to the faith. Stop getting indignant when someone quite honestly wishes you "Happy Holidays", because they are being thoughtful, polite, and pleasant. Christians shouldn't sound like spoiled children, demanding their own way.

Enjoy the pleasant things the season brings - family and friends gathering together; the soft lights of the decorations that push back the encroaching darkness; the quiet moments as you gather with loved ones - and, for God's sake, stop your bitching.

And Happy Holidays.

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