Wednesday, August 03, 2011

No Rhyme Or Reason

On Sunday, I heard a radio program remembering Studs Terkel. It was marvelous for many reasons, but I loved hearing him talking about the first time he heard Mahalia Jackson, standing in a small Chicago record store, the clerk playing him a 78 RPM single. Studs claimed the other customers stopped and just listened, the music catching them. I can believe it.

I've been craving Atlanta Rhythm Section, God knows why.

I just read an article that mentioned Throbbing Gristle. Besides having one of the best band names ever, they invented Industrial music, back in the early post-punk days of the late-1970's/early-1980's.

Let's see what luck and a shuffle button bring us. What do they bring you?
Moonloop (Live) - Porcupine Tree
Everything In Its Own Time - Indigo Girls
Not To Be Forgotten (Our Final Hour) - Pat Metheny
Lord, I've Been Changed - Tom Waits
Amelia - Joni Mitchell
Still Raining, Still Dreaming - Jimi Hendrix
Then - Yes
Lookin' For Another Pure Love - Stevie Wonder
Walking In The Wind - Traffic
Drained - James LaBrie

My wife bought The Beatles Rockband, and it confirms what I've always known. There never has been, and never will be, a band like them.

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