Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Exposure

I have to admit that I am glad the 30 Day Song Challenge I decided to do is over. It got tiresome. It became boring. I started to feel predictable in my choices. A better such exercise, one that might actually represent a challenge, would be, first, to choose three different musical genres not normally a part of one's usual listening preferences. Then, each of ten days choose an artist, or small group of artists within that genre, listening for trends, developments, variations, etc. Each day, post a song representative of the style in general, and the group's contribution to that style in particular.

I suppose this is far too much work for Facebook, huh.

The list just feels less random than it might otherwise . . .

Raconteur Troubadour - Gentle Giant
The La La Song - Zebra
Milenburg Joys - Dr. John
STATUIT (St. Martin's Day) - The Gregorian Chorale of Eglise Querin
All of Me - Billie Holliday
Easy Wind - The Grateful Dead
Da Gab Er Ihnen Barrabam Los (St. Matthew's Passion) - Johann Sebastian Bach
Breathe - Pink Floyd
Procession - Vangelis
Carolina Reprise - No-Man

The words are easy enough to remember . . .

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