Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hate Is A Horrible Word

The 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook was, I think, created by a teenage girl. How else can one understand the category, "Song You Hate". I mean, everyone has lists of songs they dislike, right? By and large, I try to shy away from using the word "hate" to describe pretty much anything. All the same, there are some obvious choices for a whole host of songs I could be said to dislike with a certain amount of passionate intensity.

I chose something different, though. The last stragglers of the hair band craze of the late 1980's were a pack of awfulness, cookie-cutter versions either of Bon Jovi (cute, cuddly party boys) or Guns N Roses (bad boys who had an aura of danger about them). My pick was of the former genus, the band that took the hard out of hard rock, Warrant. Ugh, tell me when it's over . . .

Feel free to name names in comments on your own pet musical hates . . .

Now, for some stuff I like. . .
Gebt Mir Meinen Jesum Wieder (St. Matthew's Passion)- Johann Sebastian Bach
Amelia - Joni Mitchell
Salvaging - Steven Wilson
Here Comes The Supernatural Anesthetist - Genesis
Big Boss Man - Grateful Dead, England 1972
Pacific Haze - Steve Howe's Remedy
3 Libras - A Perfect Circle
Deafinitely - David Gilmour
Dolores - Miles Davis Quintet
Babylon Sisters - Steely Dan

That's a nice musical palette cleanser, I would say . . .

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