Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Musical Notes

A friend on Facebook made a marvelous allusion to Rainbow's "Man on the Silver Mountain" as a possible theme song to the Second Coming.

This same FB friend also made me aware of some interesting covers of classic rock songs by a group doing Gregorian chant.


Useful Idiot - Tool
White Car - Yes
914 - Liquid Tension Experiment
Man Of Our Times - Enchant (Genesis Tribute)
Reise, Reise - Rammstein (Live)
Good News, The Chariot's Coming - Mahalia Jackson
Fess Up - Dr. John
Where I Belong - Steve Howe's Remedy
Seagull - Joe Bonamassa
Hopeless - Train

Because Monty Python Day was on FB this week, one of the most honest love songs ever written . . .

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