Friday, April 15, 2011


Three different items of note converge today that make it quite clear the Republican Party is opposed to reality.

The current leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President believes the sitting President was born in Kenya.

As the state of Tennessee seeks to make science illegal, one member of the state legislature thinks that Albert Einstein was a Christian creationist.

The assumptions behind the "budget" of Rep. Paul Ryan are inherently false.

This isn't conservatism in any accepted understanding of the word. It isn't "reactionary" in the time-honored Metternich-de Maistre tradition. It isn't even fascism. It is, quite simply, embracing anything and everything that contradicts uncomfortable realities that might force tough decisions that would upset the current status quo.

It is one thing for an individual to believe in the existence of fairies. It is quite another for an entire political party to legislate based on ideas just as fanciful. Yet, we are seeing it even now.

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