Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Northern Sounds

The Band. Buffalo Springfield. Joni Mitchell. The Guess Who. Gordon Lightfoot. Bachman Turner Overdrive. Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush. Rush. Loverboy. Triumph. April Wine. Saga. Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. Bryan Adams. Shania Twain. Barenaked Ladies. James Labrie of Dream Theater. These and many more musicians and singers and performers have one thing in common. Canada.

When Rush broke through the American AOR market in 1980, there was a brief moment when other Canadian bands seemed hot. Triumph managed an AOR hit that sounded an awful lot like Journey. April Wine tried ripping off King Crimson, then scored their one AOR hit with an early power ballad. All the same, it seemed possible that other Canadian bands could break through, like Saga. Unfortunately, bad timing and bad management killed Saga's chances of making it in the US.

Canada continues to forge its unique path, and we are continually blessed by the sounds from up north. Thank you, land of lacrosse.

And now, from a little closer to home . . .

Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
Bright Size Life (Live) - Pat Metheny Trio
Transition - Lunatic Soul
Oboe Concerto in C, Movement 3, Allegretto - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Castle Hall - Ayreon
Forty Six & 2 - Tool
I Don't Wanna Know (Live) - Indigo Girls
Clear Blue Eyes - Amos Lee
Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan
Blue Light - David Gilmour

No Canadians, alas. So, here's one more.

Virtual Tin Cup

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