Friday, February 11, 2011

While They Cheer In Tahrir

I feel a bit of disappointment that I am not in a position - say, DC, where I could go to the Egyptian embassy, let alone in Cairo or Alexandria or Suez - to celebrate with the Egyptian people. The days ahead present all sorts of questions and difficulties, but for the moment, like Pres. Obama in his statement just a few minutes ago, it is enough to praise the people of Egypt for taking hold of their right to guide their destiny as they see fit. Gone are the nonsensical claims of "the Arab exception", ousted VP Omar Suleiman's claim that the Egyptian people aren't ready for democracy, that universal rights aren't actually universal. For now, it is enough to watch in awe as the people in Egypt celebrate their victory.

I am curious, though. Where have all the defenders of real freedom been? With two exceptions, the silence has been deafening. Exception number 1. Exception number 2.

The second, just posted, asks questions that need to be considered over the coming days and weeks and months, albeit set in a framework with which I happen to disagree. All the same, it, and the first as well, offer thoughtful takes on events in Egypt, free of cant and, worse, bigotry, that should be commended.

I still wonder, though. We've been hearing that the left is the enemy of freedom, yet I, as a lefty kind of guy, have been celebrating the end of a dictatorship. Where are all the friends of freedom?

The sound of the crickets keeps drowning out my question . . .

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