Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If It's Wednesday, You Better Be Ready To ROCK Randomly

I need some suggestions on good songs to accompany sitting and watching revolutions. Something a little off the wall, maybe? Not necessarily obscure, but certainly not the Beatles, God love 'em. With everything happening in North Africa and Arabia right now, I just feel the need for a good soundtrack.

Which reminds me. We all should be praying, or sending good karma, or have in our thoughts - whichever way of being attentive to others works for you - the people of Libya. It seems Col. Qaddafi has decided that he would rather kill his people than rule them While it would be nice if all the revolutions in that region could be relatively peaceful and orderly, it was just not meant to be. Oh, and a good word for the king of Bahrain, who, before leaving to confer with the King of Saudi Arabia (man, we just need to get rid of all these absolute monarchs, I hate writing about kings), released some political prisoners today. I don't know if it will help or hurt him, but it certainly makes the one's imprisoned happy, huh.

Enough of this talk. This is supposed to be about MUSIC dammit. So, batteries to power, turbines to speed, and Dire Straits was wrong; I do give a damn about trumpet playing bands. You should, too, especially if the band is The Budos Band, a bunch of kids from Long Island who play some seriously awesome Afro-funk.

Batteries to power, turbines to speed.

Ripples (Live) - Genesis
Doctor Diamond - King Crimson
Island - Julia Fordham
Mozart Horn Concerto #3, Second Movement - Orchestra of The Old Fairfield Academy
I'm Losing You - The Temptations
Strange Dreams - Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush
Harmony Korine - Steven Wilson
O Death - Ralph Stanley
Oculus Ex Inferni - Symphony X
Dragula - Rob Zombie

The other day the following song popped up on my player. A real blast from the past, it made me feel good, but also bad that I had forgotten about it. I always loved a mystery.

Virtual Tin Cup

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