Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year's Resolution With An Example

John believes it necessary for me to provide links to every factual claim I make, because facts can be disputed. In order to accommodate his wishes, in the future, my posts will look like this. Full of links that allow John the ability to check and make sure that I haven't made something up.

In fact, I'm going to provide a service in this post. A test case, as it were, of how this would work. It is common currency among right-wing pundits, bloggers, and politicians to insist that tax cuts increase revenue. This has been shown to be factually inaccurate - not controversial, not disputed, but an actual inaccurate description of the fact of the matter - over and over and over again. How do I know this latter case is, indeed, true? Why, I just made it up.

As with my already long-standing policy that I do not debate the reality of the Holocaust, of biological evolution, or global warming, the established fact that tax cuts do not increase revenue will not be a matter for dispute, debate, or controversy. I do not treat facts as disputable, as John does.

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