Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Power Of Prayer

I was truly moved and honored today when one of the older gentlemen at Cornerstone UMC came up to me and invited me to join him with a small group for prayer before the 10:30 worship service. I walked in to the prayer room, just off their worship space, not quite knowing what to expect, and was even more moved and honored after I sat down and joined with them. I came away from this short experience more moved, and even changed a little, than by any spiritual experience in recent memory.

These men sat and prayed. They prayed for this person and that person. They prayed for individuals and the church and the Church. They asked for God's presence and peace for those suffering. Most of all, what I felt in that little room, with those four other men, was a sense of the presence and the power - the real power and might and majesty - of God. The clarity of the voices lifted in prayer, the real yearning for the Spirit to descend, for the presence of God in the worship and lives of the people of Cornerstone UMC was really moving.

I don't know if this is a formal or informal thing, but I think it is the kind of thing more churches need to do. I know it meant a lot to me.

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