Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Found . . . Again

A couple years back I wrote about this marvelous little book of quotes I happen to have. Well, the book has moved in and out of reality, as it has a tendency to do, and sits to my right as I type right now. If I could, I would make sure any- and everyone who reads this would get a copy. If for no other reason than the book seems alive. I mean that in all seriousness.

Yet, it is alive in the best way, too. It seems to offer something new, even in those quotes I have highlighted.

I am thinking of using them on FB and Twitter, if for no other reason than some, at least, would certainly be conversation starters.

- I thought men like that shot themselves. - King George V

- Few people have the imagination for reality. - Goethe

- I am only the shadow my words cast. - Octavio Paz

There are many others, some NSFW. I just love this book.

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