Friday, June 25, 2010

All's Fair And All That

I think if Congressional candidates are going to speak out on issues over which they have neither the power to to influence, nor the necessity to even speak, even lowly bloggers can do the same thing, right?

I am opposed to the opening of any more Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist, Church of God, non-denominational self-named "Bible" Churches, or any other church that preaches the hatred of gays, lies about evolution and global warming, coddles child molesters, or even practices a liturgy and theology that is inimical to the Wesleyan tradition.

Until these congregations separate themselves from their hierarchies and fellow congregations that preach hatred, fear, and ignorance, I do not want them to be a part of any community of which I'm a part. Until they speak out forcefully, clearly, and directly against terrorizing abortion providers, same-sex couples, and other groups, I will continue to oppose their presence in any community. They are a direct threat to the peace of our communities and we need to wake up and see them for the very real danger they pose.

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