Sunday, May 02, 2010

Why I Don't Like The Arizona Anti-Immigration Law Or Right-Wing Blather About It

I have stated many times that I am usually reticent to discuss my attitude toward laws enacted in other states. That is their business; good or bad, what possible relevance does my position have, living here in Illinois?

I feel compelled, however, after all the talk, all the nonsense to say what should be obvious. I do not like the law. I am confident, however, it will be tossed out by the courts, so I don't get too fussed about it.

You know what really disgusts me about the whole thing?

Human beings aren't "illegal". Human beings aren't "aliens".

It's really that simple. All the talk about "illegal aliens" - just those two words strung together modifying one another as they do - just sickens me. That there are those who call themselves Christians who bleat those two words without the slightest grasp of how dehumanizing they are is even more sickening.

It would be nice if we could have a substantive debate about immigration reform; right now, however, with the Republicans in hock to the kooks on the right, and the Democrats in their usual disarray, all I can think is we shall have a repeat of 2007, when it was tried and failed miserably.

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