Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Glenn Greenwald is at it again.

There are few things in this world more tiresome than someone who stops discussion on an issue by declaring that his position, and his alone, is the only correct one; even worse, the declarations Greenwald typically makes - "I'm just quoting here" - in the face of Yglesias' insistence that Greenwald attributes to Matt views Matt does not hold is evidence enough for me that this particular schtick of his is no better than the kind of nonsense one can find here. When a commentator insists they know better what one thinks than that individual, we have left the realm of reality for the outer fringes of Cuckooville.

Whether I agree or disagree with Matt on the merits is not the issue. It is Greenwald's multiple presumptuousness that is the issue here. He can't take Matt at his word because he, Glenn Greenwald, among all commentators, knows better how to interpret what Matt said.

A small dose of STFU might actually do Greenwald some good.

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