Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday Rock Show

The economy is wreaking minor havoc with Dream Theater's Progressive Nation tour. Pain of Salvation and Beardfish had to drop out because InsideOut Records distributor, SPV, declared bankruptcy. These two bands, which I was looking forward to seeing, have been replaced by Bigelf and Scale the Summit.

Bigelf seems to be channeling all sorts of influences - psychedelia, early Black Sabbath, and Rob Zombie. They look like they're a fun addition, and I look forward to seeing if they can deliver the goods live. This is "Pain Killers":

Scale the Summit only does instrumentals. All I can say is . . . wow. And, they all look to be no more than seventeen years old. THis is "The Great Plains" from their CD release party. A seven-string guitar, a six-string bass, and an eight-string guitar.

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