Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That Was Quick!

I was figuring it would be the end of the week before it appeared. To make a very long, surprising story very short, may I just say that Rick Persltein knows who I am.
O'Reilly claimed in his column that I, and Newsweek magazine, too, am part of a movement, one that wants "to knock out Judeo-Christian traditions." I suppose he would include in this movement the friendly blogger I quoted above, the one who sympathetically paraphrased my article—even though that writer, Geoffrey Kruse-Safford, a religious liberal from Rockford, Illinois, calls his blog "What's Left in the Church." (Geoffrey's not a minister, but his wife is.) But me, and Geoffrey, and the "citizen of Kenya" Barack Obama, and probably Geoffrey's minister wife: some Americans want to insist we are aliens; others, not really American at all.

Earlier in the piece, he quotes a blog post I wrote on Sunday at some length.

I'm honored, and humbled by this.

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