Monday, March 09, 2009

Music Monday

One of the greatest bands of all time emerged from the punk movement in Britain. They should have taken the world by storm. Well, they did, except here in the US where radio programmers were tone deaf to their merits. The Clash had so much going for them, far more than so many others at the time. Here they are at the very beginning of their life as a band, "Garageland", filmed at a gig in 1978.

The title says it all. "English Civil War", live (of course):

While most people think of "Train in Vain" as the song that brought The Clash to their attention, it was "London Calling", a song that actually got rotation on my commercial FM station I listened to as a kid, that made me sit up and take notice (they also played "Radio Free Europe", and late at night "God Save the Queen"). Here they are live in New Jersey.

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