Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh My Freaking God

If I lived in Washington, I would despair of getting any non-stupid news. On the one side, you have Fred Hiatt's Post, which refuses to apologize for George Will's erroneous column on global warming (h/t Matt Yglesias).

On the other side you have the Times complaining that a President of the United States is appearing for photo-ops surrounded by . . . American flags (h/t, Oliver Willis).
Oh, say - can you see? Look. It’s President Obama, and he’s surrounded by American flags.

They’re on the dais in star-spangled glory. They’re at the town-hall meeting and the news conference, in bold folds of red, white and blue. The White House has rediscovered - or possibly reinvented - the patriotic cachet of Old Glory as a perfect frame for the new president.

That’s the same president who once would not wear an American flag pin. Things have changed.

Is it any wonder the folks who are running things, and reporting on those who run them, are so out of touch (h/t, Daily Kos and TPM)?

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