Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tired, But Still Trying

Four days before Christmas, and I should be feeling all warm and friendly toward everyone. Seriously. The rhetoric should be ramping down a bit, we should be remembering that, at this time of year, we are all in it together, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and what that means for each of us, and all of us.

Instead, I'm getting this:
"Unlike you, I trust God's intellect over humankind's." - Me

"That's only because you have none."-J-Off

One can ONLY conclude that you think more of man than you do of God.

It's your own words, J-Off, that reveals your attitude towards God.

Besides, your low opinion of God fits right in with your political philosophy.

Maybe you just don't REALIZE how revealing your offerings on this site are.

Quite reavealing.

What's "revealing" about this statement is that this person uses words that, really, have no meaning for me. I cannot begin to fathom the meaning, or relevance, of much of this comment, other than it is an attempt to insult both me, and my faith. It doesn't, but it does piss me off that someone would continue to be as low as this. Meaningless and low.

Of course, I've also had to put up with this:
I'm curious Geoffrey; and not because I want a club to beat you with. What kind of church does your wife pastor? Is she still pastoring? I'm very curious about the kind of christian faith that can, with a clear conscience, support abortion?

Seriously. I want to understand where you're coming from.

Once again, someone crosses the line, invoking my wife, her ministry, her integrity as a side-swipe at me. You can question my faith all you want; coming from these idiots it's almost a compliment. Doing so to my wife who is not a blogger, or a participant in any of these discussions really pisses me off.

Also, as my father pointed out to me in my youth, the phrase, "I want to understand where you're coming from", is a kind of jargon that is really bad. It shows a lack of imagination, a real lack of thought. My only response to Eric is, if he wants to know what kind of Christian I am, check out my blog, and my own repeated response - like most Christians, I'm a pretty bad one, but I keep trying.

People like this test not so much my faith, but my commitment to Christian love. I would dearly love to tell all of them to take a flying leap, but I can't. They, too, are fellow children of God. They are loved and cherished, saved and held up by the Holy Spirit. They each and all have gifts - reasoning and loving and even typing are not among them, however - and are part of that great family of God.

Whether I like it or not.

As we move toward Christmas, I think it is important to remember that the birth of Jesus comes to all of us, and each of us. As different as we might be, as much as we might loathe one another at times - Jesus is there for all of us.

So, I am tired. But I am also grateful. I am grateful that God's love and grace are far larger than my own. I am grateful that I am trying to learn to love even in the midst of anger and frustration. I am grateful for the presence of some so different from me they challenge, not so much my beliefs, but my commitment to true inclusion in love.

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