Friday, December 12, 2008

Republicans Must Love Economic Collapse

That's all I can figure. I mean, I'm no fan of handing out free money to the Big 3 Auto Makers, but the simple logic that, as we are in a bit of a death spiral right now as it is, it might not be a good idea to shut down not just big auto manufacturers, but their suppliers as well as the folks who market and sell their cars to the public seems pretty solid to me.

Yet, the Republicans just think it's so awful that the UAW won't pauperize their workers, to the point of being unable to afford the very cars they are helping to produce (even Henry Ford understood that wasn't such a hot idea), they refuse to hand out a shiny thin dime to Detroit. And . . . markets in Asia tanked.

Screw 'em. I realize that whole TARP thing wasn't meant for Detroit, but at this point, handing out free money to the banks isn't helping a whole hell of a lot, so why not do something with it until we get some frigging grown-ups in Washington, after the first of the year? Give 'em more than they asked for. Give 'em enough not only to pay their bills and their workers, but maybe to do all that retooling and redyeing and whatever else they need to do to make cars people will buy. Do it even if some idiot who calls himself an economist says it's a bad idea.

At this point, we need to do stuff. I'm no fan of giveaways like this; I'm less of a fan of my children telling stories of the Great Depression of the early 21st century to my grandchildren.

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