Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'll Have To Wait (UPDATE)

Obama comes on at 9:15 local time, so I will miss his speech.

Damn it.

I just watched Gov. Bill Richardson give a good speech that probably caused Michelle Malkin's head to explode. He spoke in Spanish, and the Democratic delegates gathered at Invesco Field cheered. Of course, if you have been traveling the internet long enough, you have seen Michelle Malkin cheer, and I can only say that the group in Denver did a far better job.

Actually, just mentioning Michelle Malkin in her cheerleading outfit and jumping around makes me want to pop my eyeballs out of my head.

UPDATE: Stevie Wonder! Stevie Wonder! Stevie Wonder! Even if the Republicans get Ted Nugent to perform, it will not be as great as this.


Ok, they just used "Let the Sunshine In" as Al Gore walked in. Is it me or is there something counterintuitive about that?

"We need a President who puts Barney Smith before Smith-Barney." Best damn line of all these regular former-Republican voters. By far.

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