Wednesday, February 06, 2008

After The Deluge - Some Clarity and Some More Meaningful Votes

For Republicans, it seems it is the best of times and the worst of times. For Democrats, the race goes on, and the pundits are torn as to whether this is great for them or bad for the Democrats and the country.

At least the Democrats have a target for their arguments now. McCain, on the other hand, has fences to mend (although perhaps not with the talkers and squawkers who will not give an inch of their disdain for the man).

I wonder when the media will start talking about the turn-out numbers. Last night, I was checking out the NY results, at the point that about 24% of precincts were reporting, and Hillary Clinton had more votes than the total number of Republican voters. By something like 75,000 voters. I think that tells us something about who is excited by this campaign.

So, things are somewhat clearer, but still going on. More democracy is always better than less. I suppose we could bemoan the fact that the field is reduced before all the states have chimed in, but I think this captures the reality on the Democratic side, at least from my own perspective. Democratic voters are happy with their choices, and will support whichever of the candidates ends up with the nod. I think this is something both campaigns should keep in mind as they keep the arguments and debates going for the next few weeks.

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