Monday, January 28, 2008

Music Monday

I actually got a couple good replies to my request last week for break-up songs, so they will follow shortly. I also got a link to country song titles that, while not meeting the criteria I was looking for, certainly gave me a chuckle.

First, the oldest break-up song, both in time and from a reader "of a certain age". While no story is related, this is one of those songs that speaks for itself. Don and Phil Everly's "Bye Bye Love":

Next up, is Merle Haggard's "Going Where The Lonely Go". This song paints its own picture, so I will say no more, especially as I was not given permission to do so. The video really doesn't fit the song, so I think it would be better to close one's eyes, and the tears will flow, no matter how happy you are now.

Finally, we come to my own. This isn't the greatest song in the world, but the title, and lyrics, and mood, neatly captured a moment in my life, when I realized that good intentions, romantic intentions, sincerely held feelings aren't enough to save what is lost forever. That painful lesson, granted with all the subtlety of a kick in the gut, left me dazed as I spent the entire month of August, 1992, trying to figure out how to move on. The simple truth of this song, rendered somewhat banal by the song, left an indelible impression upon me; I would no longer look for love. I would need to work at a real relationship, and let love be what it is. This is Patty Smyth and Don Henley, "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough":

Since I got a reaction to last week's request, I would like to go two for two. Next week, rather than break-up songs, I would like to go for "I'm so over you" songs. These cover the next stage, perhaps, in a break-up. If you instigated the break-up, however, they could be the first stage - that wonderful, freeing feeling of being rid of the burden of an unhappy relationship. It might even include a proverbial (or not so proverbial) hand signal to the one to whom it is directed. Once again, I already have one in mind, but would like input.

So, next week's Monday Music post is in your hands.

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