Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Rabbi Takes Down Congress

Rabbi Irwin Kula has weighed in on the Congressional resolution regarding the significance of Christmas, and the piece is worth reading for its wisdom, insight, and the smackdown on Congress that it so richly deserves.
It would be humorous if it were not so depressing that adherents of and believers in a great religion like Christianity think that the approval of a group of politicians, who besides having no particular expertise in religion have themselves exhibited a remarkable level of incompetence at the job they are supposed to be doing, actually would make any difference in what anyone would or should think about this two thousand year old tradition. Is there anyone who seriously thinks this resolution will actually inspire people to deepen their respect for Christianity - that this resolution offered by a bunch of politicians who pass such affirming resolutions on just about every possible issue – National Pet Month, National Watermelon Month to name just two - will make anyone more seriously recognize that Christianity is a great faith? Personally, the fact that the House of Representatives passed this resolution diminishes Christianity for it makes Christianity just one more political lobbying cause - a political special interest and what is worse the resolution itself could not be more both banal and arrogant.

The only thing that is unremarkable about Rabbi Kula's little article is that it is the same thing people have been saying about the politicization of religion in America for a generation. Only now, it seems, are people paying attention.

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