Sunday, December 02, 2007

Maybe They Report Better Mental Health Because They Don't Believe In Self-Reflection

The latest factoid poll from Gallup claims that
Republicans are significantly more likely than Democrats or independents to rate their mental health as excellent. . . .

This is big news. Tailrank sites 295 sites linking and writing about this particular little fun fact. Most of those who seem to be crowing loudest include National Review Onlin, Powerline, and Say Anything, where the headline reads "Democrats Feel Their Own Mental Health is Low".

This would be interesting, and the commentary upon it would be truly enlightening, if not for one small problem, noted by the humor site, Sadly, No. As contributor Gavin M. writes:
If we assume that people’s subjective, self-reported assessments of their own mental health are the same thing as actual, objective data on mental health, then tweet-tweet, look at the birdie.

This is not a survey about mental health. It is, in fact, a survey about the relationship between political beliefs and self-examination. It seems that non-Republicans are more likely to be reflective, and a bit more honest, and admit that, in fact, they do suffer from one or another mental illness, anything from mild anxiety disorder to psychosis. Republicans, on the other hand, just report they're peachy - which is reflective not so much of their actual state of mental health as it is reflective of their utter lack of self-reflection and honesty.

So, we learn from Gallup that Republicans do not believe the examined life is worth living after all.

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